Day 5 of a Miserable Flu

“I am one of the many thousands of people who have caught the 2018 flu. I’m also one of many who prefer to stay away from OTC meds, leery of side effects and toxicity build up – so I look for natural relief whenever possible. Among the many unpleasantries have been severe aches and pains, fever, chills, and upper respiratory congestion. That’s where I found Pepex was a huge help – with just a bit of this oil applied beneath the nose, it opened up my nasal passages instantly. I am breathing better and have less garbage moving into my lower airways. Unlike vapo or chest rubs, Pepex seems to be much more potent, and is not greasy. Anyhow, just thought you’d like some feedback on your product. Keep up the good work!”

Regards, Maggie, Denver, Colorado

Fever, cold and flu. Welcome to winter!

While winter itself doesn’t necessarily mean more illness, the fact that we spend more time indoors provides a breeding ground for colds and flu. To combat this, a fever is our body’s natural defense mechanism against infection and helps control immune response.

While unpleasant, a high temperature helps produceinfection-fighting white blood cells that in turn, inhibit growth of bacteria and viruses. Lowering a fever may be actually be counter productive by affecting your body’s ability to respond.
Adults are more adept at “dealing with it”, but it’s stressful watching your child suffer. If they are acting well and playful, there may be no reason to make a fever disappear. There are some fevers that do require a doctor’s visit – if a fever lasts 3 days or more, any fever in a baby younger than 3 months, or a fever that is over 104 degrees.
Your child’s comfort should be imperative – provide plenty of fluids with ice chips and popsicles. Help cool them down by dressing them in light clothing or give them a tepid bath.

Fever and meds.
Give fever reducing meds only if your child feels uncomfortable – not just to reduce the temperature. Never increase the dose, and avoid alternating medications – this could lead to overdosing or excessive medication that your child doesn’t need.

Some natural approaches?
– The immune system is thought to benefit from capsaicin and herbs, such as elder flower and yarrow.
– Apple cider vinegar is an old remedy that helps to naturally lower a fever. Soak a washcloth in diluted apple cider vinegar (1 part vinegar, 2 parts water), and place on the forehead, tummy or even the soles of the feet. Add a cup to a warm bath as well.

Out and about? The NutraLinks Fever Cooling Patch is a handy, pocket sized patch that applies (and removes) easily, and uses a combination of refreshing mint and hydrophilic molecules. Non invasive, and non toxic.