Autism Awareness Month


Autism can be described as a disorder of the senses – the brain relies on information gathered by touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight to help make sense of our environment.
  There is a close connection between smell and memory, and associating happy activities, images, or feelings with a certain smell helps calm and soothe the child while working on their social and motor skills.
Aromatherapy is one of the easiest ways to stimulate an autistic child’s senses, and a gentle massage using aromatic oils engages multiple senses at a time –  a great way to relax your child while engaging their senses of smell and touch. Pepex uses all natural eucalyptus and menthol oils – no side effects, no medications, and can be used as either a roll-on topical for massage, or  as an inhaler.

Travel Season is Here!

Flight attendants learned  a long time ago to put  a dab of vapo-rub on their upper lip to combat the dry, pressurized and recirculated air of an airplane cabin. The menthol helps keep airways clear, and ears from plugging up.

Pepex provides an all natural blend of menthol and eucalyptus in a handy, pocket sized tube that delivers a powerful whiff of airway opening oils. Great for babies or children who suffer ear pain on the descent.
Give it a try on your next trip!

Soothing Relief from BackPain, Arthritis and Sprains

All Natural Pain Relief!

Cooling remedies have been used for thousands of years. For instance, mint oil, which contains the cooling agent menthol, was a traditional Chinese salve. NutraLinks’ modern-day version patch uses menthol, sandalwood and camphor to soothe sore muscles, ease the symptoms of arthritis, and many other types of pain.
Best yet, these patches are non-messy, easy to take along and easy to apply and remove. How do they work?

Menthol is a particularly powerful herb.

  1. It acts as a natural analgesic. Molecules called ‘ligands’ absorb into the skin, producing a numbing effect.
  2. It is also a vasodilator, meaning that it causes blood vessels to widen and  increase blood flow to that area. This sends extra nutrients to the area and can help with cellular repair.
  3. It provides a cooling sensation because it stimulates the skin’s thermoreceptors, which send the brain interprets as cold. It doesn’t actually change the temperature, but it is great for relieving the heat that is caused by inflammation.

Camphor  is an aromatic herb in use from at least the 9th century.
It remains a popular additive in pain relief products to this day – especially for soothing sore muscles and arthritis pain.

  1. Camphor is a counter irritant that helps numb the nerve endings. The nerve endings then no longer transmit the sensation of pain.
  2. It is easily absorbed through the skin and produces a cool sensation.
  3. It also acts as a mild local anesthetic.