As any parent of an autistic child will tell you, routine is critical – these kids require the comfort of knowing what will happen every day, all day. Whether that is eating the same food, traveling to and from school or what clothing they wear. Changes of their physical environment (like moving furniture around), new people or even vacations can tip the scale for a full blown meltdown.

While parents might be in the know, other family members, teachers or friends may not recognize how critical daily routine is. Part of Autism Awareness is recognizing and addressing routine.
While every detail in the day cannot be controlled, some aspects, like waking routines and bedtime routines can.
At bedtime, reading favorite books, playing familiar music or massages with soothing scented oils can be a predictable down time, paving the way for a better night’s rest.
Familiar scents are comforting and reassuring, and Pepex is recognized by the Autism Hope Alliance for being part of that bedtime remedy. Pocket sized, you can take it traveling – ensuring that expected routine happens.

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