Pepex is a 2 in 1 decongestant and topical balm that contains simple, proven ingredients. Non-addictive, Pepex blends eucalyptus oil, menthol and borneol.

One part inhaler, one part roll-on for topical use, all in a small ergonomic package. Color coded so friends and family members can keep them straight!

As a Roll On: great for tension headaches, or applied directly to sore, achy muscles as a topical pain reliever . Pepex as a topical is also a great, natural way to treat the sting and itch from insect bites.



As an Inhaler: Pepex lets you breathe freely, and helps clear a stuffy, blocked or runny nose, and provides immediate relief for symptoms of colds including nasal congestion, influenza, hay fever and sinusitis.


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